Initiatives to foster employee health

Through targeted programs, health check-ups, and other precautions, we seek to promote our employees' good health and ensure their long-term capacity to work. The measures taken include preventive measures to eliminate risks in the workplace that could result in long-term illnesses and the inability to work. A "Health Steering Committee" and its sub-groups Health, Demography and Disability Management initiate activities. Individual Henkel companies design their health programs to focus on different factors, depending on local requirements. Programs range from non-smoking seminars and information on stress management to preventive health care and AIDS prevention.

In 2011, several thousand employees around the world participated in activities focusing on health topics such as bowel, skin and breast cancer, healthy nutrition, addiction prevention, stress management, or back training. In addition, fitness and health-promoting sports opportunities were offered. In many cases, the health-promoting programs reach out beyond the company gates to also include employees' family members.

In 2011, we launched our first worldwide health survey to record the local organization of medical services and the many different kinds of health services offered. We are using the results of this survey to improve our programs still further.

Dealing with growing workloads

As our world becomes more complex and dynamic, and demands on each individual grow, programs revolving around psychological health are becoming more and more important. Henkel thus offers help to its employees. In many countries, programs are now in place which offer all employees an opportunity to obtain advice on time, stress and conflict management. Other initiatives focus on more flexible working hours, to improve the balance between work and free time for our employees and to reduce workplace-related stress.

Corporate Health Management

Henkel underlined its commitment to this holistic health and safety philosophy by joining the Unternehmen für Gesundheit (companies for health) network. As long ago as 2002, Henkel signed the European Union's "Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union". As part of the company's efforts to continuously improve preventive health care measures, an annual conference takes place enabling the physicians of all Henkel companies in Germany, as well as the Human Resources departments, to compare notes. The findings are made available to all sites worldwide.

“Promoting and maintaining the health of our employees is an important element of our sustainability strategy.”

Photo Dr. Toni Reifferscheid
Dr. Toni Reifferscheid
Head of Corporate Health Services

Last updated: March 8, 2012