Continuous investment in training and education

In highly competitive international marketplaces, the quality of our global team plays a decisive role. This is why we invest continuously in enhancing the skills of our people. All Henkel employees spend an average of two days per year participating in courses to foster their professional and personal development. The range of topics covered stretches from management seminars and language courses to safety, compliance and environment training, and also includes special workshops on subjects like financial reporting according to international standards.

To ensure consistently high quality levels for our seminars, we developed a new framework in 2011, encompassing 33 global core training programs. These will be further developed in terms of content and introduced over the course of 2012.

Online Learning – smart addition to traditional personal-presence trainings

In addition to traditional personal-presence training sessions, our employees also have the opportunity to use the online modules offered on our internal learning portal "Click and Learn". The intranet-based portal provides learning opportunities online – especially software, language and management courses. This makes it possible for a wide circle of employees to acquire new knowledge individually at the times that suit them best. The use of online learning to prepare for and follow up on classical seminars that require personal attendance is especially effective.

Improving leadership skills

Managers with the personality to motivate a team of employees are a key factor in the success of Henkel. To improve leadership quality, we have developed a globally uniform, modular training concept for employees with managerial responsibility. The Code of Teamwork and Leadership defines the general framework within which managers should operate and gives them clear guidelines for decision-making.

  • The People Leadership seminar provides basic knowledge, while the Team Leadership seminar is aimed mainly at improving performance through self and team management. In 2011, some 6,000 of our managers took part in training seminars on "Management & Leadership".
  • To disseminate practical experience and theoretical knowledge at the highest level, we have cooperated since the early 1990s with external partners and leading international schools of business. In 1997, we established the Henkel Global Academy for our management employees. The Academy is a special global training offer for the high potentials and high performers in the Henkel Group. Diverse participants from all countries and business units can join, and an average of 700 managers attend the programs each year.
  • For the top managerial level, we have developed a special, globally oriented Strategic Leadership program in cooperation with the Thunderbird Business School in Glendale, Arizona, USA.

Triple Two – the truly international career

A strong global team needs employees with international experience. To strengthen an understanding of other cultures and markets, job rotation has become an established employee development tool, called Triple Two. We provide opportunities for our best performing employees to work in another country for a defined period of time. This facilitates company-wide know-how transfer at Henkel – and enables our employees to further develop their personal and professional skills. The number of international job rotations is constantly increasing. In 2011 alone, about 475 employees were assigned expatriate positions outside their home countries.

Key training categories in 2011

Graph Key training categories in 2011

Last updated: March 8, 2012