More dishwashing power – using less energy

Our Somat 10 dishwashing tablets are a perfect example of a product innovation that couples better performance with a smaller ecological footprint. Henkel researchers developed this new generation of automatic dishwashing tablets that delivers full cleaning power even in short and low-temperature dishwasher cycles.

Dr. Thomas Eiting, a chemist in the household cleaners research department in Düsseldorf, works with an interdisciplinary team to find ways of producing even better automatic dishwashing detergents. Since dishwashers consume a great deal of energy, it makes ecological sense to use short and low-temperature programs.

A special challenge for the Henkel team was to improve the cleaning power of Somat specifically in these energy-saving programs. Somat 10 now also delivers excellent cleaning results in a program lasting just 30 minutes. The Somat 10 tablets dissolve twice as fast as, for example, their Somat 9 predecessors. This improvement has significantly boosted dishwashing performance in short and low-temperature cycles.

“By making the Somat 10 tablets dissolve more easily, we succeeded in getting them to release the ingredients faster so that they have more time to act on food residues and do a better job,” explains Eiting.

With this sustainability profile, the product illustrates how we go about achieving more with less. If all the Somat users in Germany selected only short and low-temperature cycles, they could save as much electricity as the total annual consumption of 100,000 households.

“Our innovation does a lot for the environment and resource conservation while delivering more value to consumers,” says Eiting proudly.

Thomas Eiting and his colleagues Britta Strauß (left) and Silke Menke check the cleaning performance of Somat 10 in the automatic dishwashing test laboratory.

Last updated: March 8, 2012