More volume – with 90 percent less input

The innovative hair styling product got2b Powder’ful not only gives hair more volume, but also has a 90 percent smaller ecological footprint due to its exclusive powder formulation.

Thanks to this ingenious formulation and its “pepper-shaker” packaging, got2b Powder’ful achieves its remarkable volumizing effects directly on dry hair. Unlike mousse styling products in aerosol cans, got2b Powder’ful contains no volatile organic compounds, and it is produced using only some 10 percent of the input materials needed for a mousse. Its low weight generates still more benefits all along the logistics chain, reducing the carbon footprint by about 90 percent overall.

Kathy Alaama, a vice president in our Cosmetics/Toiletries business in the USA who is responsible for marketing göt2b (as it is spelled there), says: “We introduced göt2b Powder’ful in the USA in February 2011 at the launch event to celebrate the brand’s tenth anniversary. Since then, it has become the top-selling styling powder in the U.S. hairstyling market (source: IRI FDMx market shares, excluding Walmart). göt2b Powder’ful is sold through our usual mass retail channels and promoted on the internet. YouTube videos show consumers just how easy and effective the product truly is.” 

This unusual innovation was developed by a Henkel team at the Cosmetics/Toiletries business sector’s research and development center in Hamburg, Germany. got2b Powder’ful has been on the market in Europe and the USA since 2011. Alaama comments: “Powder’ful impresses people by combining performance with low resource consumption. Consumers appreciate its superb quality and ease of use. Close collaboration between our research and development team and their colleagues in international and local marketing played a large part in making this product such a success.”

Dr. Rolf Bayersdörfer, developer of the hair styling product got2b Powder’ful, explains to his international marketing colleagues Vildan Onpeker Cerci (right) and Christian Melcher how the styling powder works.

Last updated: March 8, 2012