New energy for a sustainable future

Renewable energy from the wind and sun will become increasingly important in the coming years. The automotive industry is investing in alternative energy sources, such as new battery technologies, to ensure environmentally sustainable mobility in the future. Henkel offers tailor-made adhesives, sealants and surface treatments to help achieve this goal.

Kate Yeo, a manager in the Adhesive Technologies business sector, is working with a team of colleagues from Henkel Research and Development to engineer innovative adhesives, sealants and coating solutions for new energy vehicles. Together with international scientists, including professors from Tongji University in Shanghai, China, they are investigating the future of environmentally sustainable electromobility.

“With our experience in an extensive variety of applications, we can offer a broad range of sustainable solutions to our customers in the automotive industry,” says Yeo. “But these innovative ideas for better eco-sustainability would not be possible without the close partnerships we have with Tongji University and our customers.” Henkel is also developing solutions for the next generation of solar cells, wind turbines, batteries and fuel cells. For the latest battery and fuel cell modules, the company has advanced technologies, such as electrically conductive coatings for battery cells, adhesives that act as spacers, thermally or electrically conductive adhesives, and protective coatings and sealants to keep out moisture.

“New energy vehicles are excellent opportunities to extend Henkel’s innovative capabilities to a market space that never existed before. I am proud to be working with our team on the cars of the future,” says Yeo.

  • Bild Kate Yeo (links) und Zhang Jingfen

Kate Yeo (left) and Dr. Zhang Jingfen from Henkel discussing electric vehicles in the EV Zone in Shanghai, China.

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Last updated: March 8, 2012