Photo Kasper Rorsted, Chairman of the Management Board
Kasper Rorsted
Chairman of the Management Board

Dear Friends of the Company,

“Committed to leadership in sustainability” is one of our five values at Henkel that guide our actions, strategies and behavior. We take a long-term, entrepreneurial approach toward all elements of sustainability, aiming not just to comply with existing standards but also to set new ones. Our commitment and progress have been widely recognized in many independent assessments.

We believe that sustainability will be more important than ever before to develop our business successfully. By 2050, global population is expected to climb to 9 billion. This growth will go hand in hand with the changing consumption patterns of a growing, more affluent middle class in emerging markets. At the same time, natural resources such as fossil fuels and water, which are already stretched, will be even more limited.

In this report we introduce our new Sustainability Strategy 2030. At the heart of this strategy is the simple but challenging ambition to triple our efficiency. That means either delivering three times more value with the same environmental footprint or reducing the footprint to one third while providing the same value. Achieving more with less is the way to reach that target. This requires us to pioneer new solutions, adjust our strategies and challenge the way we run our businesses and operations.

In order to move our business toward this ambitious 20-year goal, we have also defined concrete five-year targets for our focal areas. Over the next five years, we want to achieve an efficiency improvement of 30 percent. We will focus on our own operations first, but our aim is to address the entire footprint throughout the life cycle of our products.

I am convinced that leadership in sustainability will be a key for our success in the future. Customers, partners, consumers, NGOs and governments are increasingly focusing on how we conduct our business.

Leadership in sustainability is a competitive advantage and an asset for us as a company. It will help shape our business in the future, and enable us to combine excellent business performance with a long-term perspective and responsibility.

I am pleased that we are ready to move Henkel to the next level with a clear strategy and a clear objective: We are committed to leadership in sustainability by achieving more with less.

Kasper Rorsted
Chairman of the Management Board

“Achieving more with less.”

Last updated: March 8, 2012