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This feature enables you to search the whole report for words or phrases. Each hit is highlighted in the search result list.


The sitemap lists all pages and sub-pages that are available in the online Annual Report, displayed according to the site structure.


Navigating the Annual Report

The horizontal navigation menu on top of the page includes the main points of access to the contents of the report. More specific subjects are linked to them in the left site menu for ease of use.

Page Functions

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Click here to print the content of the relevant page in an optimized print view. With the function “Print Preview” of your browser window, you can customize settings for the print-out.


The Share-function allows you to post a link and comment on the chosen webpage to various social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc.

Download Center and My Report

Download Center

“Download Center” provides you with the whole report, parts of the report as well as important tables in Excel format for download. These documents can be selected by clicking the check boxes to collective download.

To read PDF documents, you will need Acrobat Reader from Adobe. Please visit the for free download.

My Report

Use the Link “Add Chapter” to create your individual PDF of the report. Select each page that you are interested in from the presented chapters of the report. Click on “View Selection” to see your selection, delete PDF-files or compile your selection to a single PDF file for download. The small number behind “View Selection” shows you how many chapters you have already chosen. 

Click on “Order Service” to have a printed version of the report sent to you by mail.

Last updated: March 8, 2012