Employee volunteering

We support the social volunteering activities of our employees and retirees in many different ways. Our commitment here centers around the Make an Impact on Tomorrow (MIT) initiative, which has been supported in Germany since 1998. By now, we devote some 53 percent of our funds to MIT projects. We support activities in the areas of social needs, education and science, fitness and health, culture, and ecology. Employees and retirees who do volunteer work in their free time may obtain funding for their project of up to 10,000 euros, product donations, or up to five days paid time off from work. Professional advice from staff in the donations department is also available at any time to employees and retirees.

Helping people to help themselves

Dr. Heucher with children

Volunteering for India: Dr. Reimar Heucher, head of hotmelt adhesives and water-based dispersions in the Adhesive Technologies business sector, is a board member of the charity Verein Deutsch-Indische-Kinderhilfe e.V. (Indo-German Help for children). Once a year, he travels to India to learn how the sponsored projects have progressed. In Germany, he does volunteer work for the charity's projects, which especially support needy children and young people, helping them to help themselves. Henkel provided a total of 10,000 euros in 2011 to fund several of Heucher's Indo-German Help for Children projects and granted him two days paid time off from work. This is one of many examples of how we support the volunteer work of our employees around the world.
Deutsch-indische Kinderhilfe

Last updated: March 8, 2012