Henkel Foundations

Fritz Henkel Foundation

Photo Fritz Henkel

In January 2011, Henkel established the Fritz Henkel Foundation. In the future, the foundation will serve as the umbrella for our social engagement. The establishment of the foundation underscores Henkel’s long-term commitment for societal concerns that extend beyond its direct business interests. The mission of the foundation comprises support for volunteer work on the part of our employees, international disaster aid, and corporate and brand engagement. The key aspects of the foundation’s work will be determined by a board consisting of representatives of the Henkel management and members of the Henkel family.

Konrad Henkel Foundation

Photo Dr. Konrad Henkel

The Konrad Henkel Foundation, founded by Henkel in 1985, promotes economics research and teaching in a variety of ways at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany, and encourages the international exchange of knowledge in particular. The foundation is administered in trust by the Society of Friends and Supporters of the University of Düsseldorf as a dedicated special fund. Henkel provided an endowment of 1.6 million euros for this purpose.

In 2007, on the initiative of a member of the Board of Trustees, academics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, presented guest lectures at the University of Düsseldorf on “The marketing of basic research results and their importance for economic growth.” Since 1990, the foundation has presented the Konrad Henkel Examination Prize twice a year to economics students with the best examination marks in their graduating class. The prize is accompanied by a 2,500 euros cash award.

Dr. Jost Henkel Foundation

Photo Dr. Jost Henkel

Education and knowledge are the most important resources of any society. In our era of globalization, this applies more than ever. The Dr. Jost Henkel Foundation, which was founded by Henkel as early as 1958, helps young people to finance their university studies. Henkel has endowed the foundation with capital of 3.3 million euros for this purpose.

Preference is given to extremely gifted students who are unable to pay for their education either themselves or with the help of third parties. An average of 30 students are given scholarships each year. The recipients come from eleven countries, and 25 percent of the money provided is invested outside Germany. In 2008, to mark its 50th anniversary, the Dr. Jost Henkel Foundation increased its budget by 50 percent to finance additional activities.

Last updated: March 8, 2012