We drive progress along the entire value chain

Our pursuit of sustainability is both long-term and entrepreneurial in nature, covering all of our activities throughout the value chain.

Raw materials

Henkel is committed to responsible management of raw materials. We have used ingredients based on renewable raw materials for many years to optimize the overall characteristics of our products, wherever this is compatible with ecological, economic and social considerations.


Henkel has production sites in 56 countries. Continuously improving our processes and site structures, while simultaneously reducing energy, water and materials consumption and environmental impacts, is an important part of our promise of quality.


Our logistics planning is tailored to the nature of the final products to be transported. For relatively bulky products, we reduce the transport mileage and the resulting environmental burden by maintaining regional production sites. More compact products with a low specific weight make fewer demands on transport, so we produce them centrally in large quantities wherever possible.


We concentrate on developing products that enable the efficient use of resources such as energy and water. Through targeted communication we also try to promote a responsible attitude when using the products. This is especially important as the ecological footprint of many of our products largely depends on their being used correctly.


We focus on reducing the volume of packaging and the amount of material used. This includes developing product concentrates and refill packs for consumers. For our industrial customers, we offer multi-use systems wherever possible in the form of re-usable transport containers, pallets, and secondary packaging. Where technically feasible, we intend to increase the proportion of recycled and recyclable materials across our entire portfolio.

Last updated: March 8, 2012